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CDOAN offers services to implement DNP3 protocol on your outstation device. We are so certain our implementation will work, that we are willing to offer this service under what we believe are very safe, competitive, and, we must say, unusual terms. You provide a device to CDOAN, one on which you want DNP3 implemented, along with a "C" development environment suitable for operation under Windows or Linux. We will provide an initial DNP3 implementation at no charge.

You test the implementation. Once you are happy with it, we get paid. If you are not happy, no money changes hands. The only "got'cha" is that the original code we send you has hidden stops. For example, it will stop running after one hour. There are other "stops", not mentioned here. The result is that the code we send you works OK to validate the implementation, but not well enough for commercial use. Unless you have a customer that does not mind a program that stops spontaneously.

Acceptance and purchase gets a version delivered with all stops removed, plus the source code..

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