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How to Get a CDOAN (DNP3 or IEC60870) License

  1. To request a license, first download the DNP3 or IEC60870 Protocol Test Tool from our Downloads page

  2. There are two types of licenses. One is linked to a specific computer. The other is linked to a USB flash drive, which you supply. A USB flash drive license allows the application to run on any computer with that drive inserted. Each USB flash drive license will operate on only one USB drive. 

  3. For a computer based license, install and run the program on the same computer where the licensed program will run. For a USB flash drive based license, install and run the program on any computer with the USB drive inserted. Remove all other USB drives.

  4. Select Request License, located at the bottom of the initial menu. If a USB flash drive license is to be requested, the program will examine characteristics of that drive. Not all USB flash drives are manufactured with the capabilities to be able to store a CDOAN license. A pop-up menu will appear if your drive is OK.

  5. Enter the information requested 

  6. The process in (4) will create a .txt file. Send that file to Please do not just send the contents of the file. We need the actual file. The file name is created from information about your computer or USB flash drive that enables the return license to work.

  7. You will receive a .txt license file by return email

  8. Rerun the program either on the same computer as the request (for computer based licenses) or with the same USB flash drive installed (for USB flash drive based licenses).

  9. From the same initial page as in step 6, select Load License From File and load the .txt file received

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