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DNP3 Basics Class

Lessons 5 to 12 and Summary

Lessons 5 to 12 and Summary

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DNP3 Basics is an online video class in 13 lessons of about 15 minutes each. It is designed to provide a basic working knowledge of DNP3 to new users. It may also provide useful information in select areas for people already familiar with DNP3. The 13 lessons cover:

  1. Overview of SCADA, SCADA terminology, and how DNP3 fits into the picture.

  2. Overview of DNP3 protocol, and, in particular, what parts are being covered in these classes, and what parts are not. DNP3 is a complicated protocol. Not everything can be discussed in an introductory class.

  3. DNP3 message structure overview: Data Link, Transport, and Application layers

  4. Details of the data link layer

  5. Details of the transport layer

  6. Application layer: function codes and internal indications

  7. Application layer: object group headers and qualifiers

  8. Application layer: Object structures for input points

  9. Application layer: Object structures for output points

  10. Application layer: Class data polls

  11. Application layer: Unsolicited Data

  12. Application layer: Other message and object structures

  13. Summary: A final summary lesson showing detailed message examples and providing some subset level overview information that would have been misplaced to mention earlier

The first four lessons are available on YouTube and also below. The final 9 are available here only.