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How to Get the MSTT and a License

  1. Download the MSTT by clicking here. This is a ZIP file including an installation file and documentation

  2. Install and run the MSTT on the same computer where the program will run once licensed. Licenses are linked to a single computer

  3. Select Request License, located at the bottom of the Other Parameters View

  4. Enter the information requested including the license type: Trial, Permanent, or One-Year

  5. The process in (4) will create a .txt file. Send that file to Please do not just send the contents of the file. We need the actual file. The file name is created from information in your computer that enables the return license to work on that computer.

  6. You will receive a .txt license file by return email

  7. Rerun the program and, from the same initial page as in step 3, select Load License File and load the .txt file received

How to Get the DNP Protocol Test Tool

  1. CDOAN-DNP3, a DNP3 protocol test tool, is required if you want to view communication logs saved during a MSTT session.

  2. Instructions for acquiring CDOAN-DNP3 can be found here

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