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DNP3 Outstation Source Code

CDOAN offers a "C" source code library for implementing DNP3 protocol on an outstation. A master-station library is not available. The source code supports most commonly used DNP3 capabilities and is being offered for free. 

Source code documentation (PDF file) can be accessed below: 

We are offering this source code for free and we believe it correctly supports all functions described in the product document. It has passed our internal outstation test procedures certification process for DNP3 subset level 2. It will also support subset levels 1 and 3, as well as many functions not required by any subset (such as file transfer). 

Since it is being offered for free, we will be glad to send you the code. All you have to do is send us an Email requesting a copy and stating you understand it is being provided "as-is". This is not required because we think there are problems with the library, because we are not aware of any. However, since it is being provided for free, and since the final implementation is your responsibility, we cannot assume any liability if it does not meet some of your needs. So, send us a request indicating your understanding, and we will send you the code.

Our Email address is

Support is also available on request.

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