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Crete and Santorini

Haven't written anything for a few days since the interesting tours have stopped, where I get all my information from. Whatever I might have written would have to have been something I made up, and that wouldn't be fun.

But, after thinking about it, there have been a couple of items. First is the picture above taken from the southern Mediterranean island of Crete. That's snow, and the mountains are not unusually tall. I wonder if that is typical. Skiing is not recommended.

Told you nothing interesting had happened. Touring Crete was like spending two days on Pier 39 in S.F. There are only so many souvenirs one can look at, much less buy. 

The second most interesting picture was the one below, taken from the back of the ship.

Did you see something unusual in the middle of the picture (horizontal) and the upper 3rd? We had the protection of the Greek navy in the form of a submarine.

And next on the list of newsworthy items is the new Starbucks coffee mug line at the Athens airport.

I assume there are no complaints so far about me being late for this post.

Santorini, on the other hand, is quite scenic. Our hotel is on the caldera, which is the main attraction on the island. People gather around the edge of the cliff to watch the sun set. Our hotel is right there,

The first and third pictures are from our room. The middle one is from dinner. The cruise ship in the bottom picture is the ship we just got off of. It started on its next cruise, with an initial stop of Santorini. The cruise ship port is right under our hotel.

This picture is at the end of a walk we took today. We were going to walk through an island nature reserve park. It was 1.25 miles from the hotel and the first 1.24 miles was uphill. Then we saw the park, which was several hundred feet below us. Walking down and back up was not in the cards for the day. So, "Walking through a park" got changed to "walking to where we could see the park". Now, you see it too.

That's it. We get home on April 15th.

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