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Odds and Ends

A couple of odds and ends from the last day in Santorini. First, please explain what sounds wrong with this fact.


The hotel in Athens explained, on the first day, that it was OK to drink water from the tap. The hotel in Santorini explained, on the second day, that it was not OK to drink water from the tap. 

The activity for the day was walking to the old port, the one used by cruise ships. It's a little bit of a downer to walk there. The port is way down by the water, as seen from the start of the path. You might think that you can see some ants on the steps down by the water. Those aren't ants.

There are many reasons to walk down to the port. The best one is "because it's there." The second best one is "why not."

It was a nice day and the walk was only 600 steps down. Maybe 900 on the way back up. There is actually another way to get back up from the port on the steps, a way I was not aware of until encountering some of the alternate transportation devices on the walk down.

Also worthy of note is to be extra careful walking down. Actually, there are so many donkeys making the trip every day that it is not possible to have a perfect walk down.


The sight at the bottom includes the following, which I can only describe as a building. No guides to tell me what it really was, 

So much for the walk down. Now it's time to get back up.

I had a choice. Option A: walk. Option B: donkey, or Option C. I went with C.

Two minutes to the top and the best 6 Euros ever spent.

P.S. Looking forward to tomorrow. We will finally be able to flush toilet paper (once we get to another country, that is. Even the Athens airport restrooms are restrictive.}

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