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Some Information About This Site

This site is maintained by CDOAN, which is actually just an individual. Someone of you may know me. My name is Jack Verson, I have been in the SCADA industry since the mid-1970s, and am now retired. However, we retired people need to keep busy, so, in order for me to keep busy, I have designed and written three products:

  • DNP3 Communication Test Tool

  • DNP3 Outstation Source Code Library

  • IEC 60870-5-101/104 Communication Test Tool

I also have a 13-lesson tutorial on DNP3 protocol, available YouTube (search for "DNP3 Basics"). 

All products and lessons are FREE

For the products, you need to send in a request for a license, but there is no charge for one. 

In addition to the products I have written and released, I also offer consulting on DNP3 protocol. I have been on the DNP3 Technical Committee since inception. I am also familiar with about 100 legacy protocols of which most of you have never heard. So, if you have a question, feel free to send it in to Again, no charge, unless the questions get complicated and time consuming. In that case, we can talk more about some payment. (I cannot offer support on secure authentication.)

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